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The Create Drafts tool on the Drafting tab, such as the custom view and levels tool, has been updated to show ribbon, a new drop-down menu, and the ability to quickly access the horizontal or vertical scrollbar.The toolbars, menus, and ribbon icons have been updated to match the current branding on Windows 10.You can now scale and rotate views directly from the Measurement tool.The Layers panel has been updated to show a new color indicator and make it easier to distinguish and edit different color types.A new panel provides a quick view of all groups, so you can organize them all at once.You can now see thumbnails of any groups on the Home tab to quickly open them.The New Drawing command now opens an empty, unsaved drawing, even when used from outside a drawing open from a workspace.The AutoCAD 2023 update removes drawing setup options from the Tools menu on the Insert tab. You can still configure your tools in the Customize User Interface window, and the Remove buttons will still appear in the window.The Color Properties panel has been updated to support more color modes, including Grayscale and Cineon, and introduce support for HSB, HSV, and HCL color systems.The drawaoffline tool provides the ability to save, edit, and send drawings, graphics, and related files while disconnected from the network.The Offset cursor now supports Boolean operations. The first of these allows you to offset the middle of a path or shape. The second enables you to extend a shape in both the X and Y directions.You can now save to a compressed (zipped) archive (.cda) file format instead, providing a smaller file size.The Variables toolbar now includes Undo, Redo, Revert, and Copy options.The Facing tool on the Home tab can no longer be used to change the orientation of a face.When you select and activate the Drafting tab, you’ll find the DFD (design for drawing) panel is now always visible, and the new DFD panel will automatically hide if you don’t need it. The panel now automatically appears in dark color when you open a blank drawing.In the Drawing View panel, the Show Drawing Point icons 2be273e24d


AutoCAD For Windows 2022

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